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Upcoming Youth Events


Turn in your 2021-2022 Youth Permission Form to ride the church van this year.

On Wednesday, February 8, we will restart the Discipleship Challenge. Even if you have never done it, just show up and learn all about it!


On Sunday evening, February 12, CHANGE OF PLANS. AWANA WILL NOT BE PARTICIPATING IN THE SOUP LINE LIKE IN THE YEARS PAST. WE WILL NOT BE PREPARING OR SERVING SOUP. If anyone brings some soup anyway, we'll just enjoy it together!


On February 24 and 25, you are invited to participate in the Goodness Of God apologetics conference, hosted by Rawls Baptist Church. This is a copy of the main announcement email:


"On February 24 and 25, we will be participating in a Christian youth conference. I hope you can join!


The "Goodness of God: Apologetics Conference" will take place on Friday evening (6-10 pm) and Saturday morning (8-12:30) on February 24 and 25.


This will probably be a different type of apologetics than you are used to. This conference will defend the Christian claim that God is good. While some people in our culture simply don't believe God exists, a growing number of people are more concerned with whether He is good. It seems that every day our culture's morality progressively distances itself from the morality of the Bible. Our mission is to defend the goodness of God and His morality and help you understand that God is good.


Rawls Baptist Church in Fuquay is hosting the event. We have two outstanding main speakers, highly qualified in apologetics and well-versed in youth ministry. You will definitely enjoy these guys. Rawls' Associate Pastor, Josh Bovee, will be teaching two break-out sessions, and his brother will be leading music. I will also be teaching two break-out sessions.


If you are unable to make both sessions, please feel free to attend what you can. The Friday evening program will begin with dinner and the Saturday morning program will begin with breakfast. The cost to attend is $10.


Link for more info and to sign up:


Let me know if you can go!"


On March 5, the youth are hosting a Mission Trip Fundraiser Breakfast. The breakfast will take place from 8:30 to 9:30, but the youth will be asked to arrive earlier at a time to be announced later.


On April 1, the Children's Ministry is hosting the community-wide Easter Egg Hunt and I encourage all the youth to consider helping. We will need it!


On June 4, the final Morehead City Youth Mission Trip payment needs to be paid.

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